Starting a business is a dream of many people today. If you intend to start a business in Malaysia and make it fully functional, it is very important that you get it registered with SSM (Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia). However, apart from registering your company with SSM, there are many other steps to be taken in order to have it fully functional. In general, to start a business in Malaysia, you must be prepared to do a large amount of paperwork and fulfill specific requirements precisely.

In most of the occasions, business owners may not have sufficient time to deal with all the documentations and other works that are required to register as a company. Other than involving in daunting paperwork, there are many other areas a business should look into such as marketing, branding, product launching, infrastructure development, supplier network building, and recruitments are some of such tasks. However, this complication can be eliminated remarkably by obtaining the service of a professional company registration agent like Yau & Co.

Let’s check out why Yau & Co.'s  company registration packages are the most value for money!

No hidden fees

As a response to the huge demand, there are a large number of company registration service providers in the market today. You can observe that most of these agencies offer very attractive prices. At a glance, these too-good-to-be-true packages might sound wonderful from a business owner’s point of view. However, the truth is that these extremely cheap packages are associated with a range of hidden fees. 

Although you will be presented a very attractive rate at the beginning, and the end, you will be surprised to see the amount you actually have to pay (they will purposely hide fees such as post-incorporation paperwork, company secretary services, other statutory registration and etc.). Please bear in mind that Company Registration Costs are just one-time setup costs and therefore you must consider subsequent recurring fees such secretary retainer fees, ad-hoc charges, accounting & tax fees. Try to avoid being fall into the attractive low initial entry price trick, end up you are paying more in long-term.

Yau & Co. adopting transparent pricing policy with no dirty price tricks is our first big step to build a lifetime relationship with you. We give you a real price tag with no hidden fees and compulsory extra add-ons. We clearly display the applicable services and all-in pricing for each task before engagement.

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Tailor-made packages

Our comprehensive services are offered as a complete value for money package or an “a le carte” menu. The packages can be tailor-made based on your business requirements. We will ensure you get the care and attention you need without having to pay for extra services that are not applicable to your business.

Each package comes with professional touch

Thanks to the years of experience and thorough knowledge of the professional team, Yau & Co. is capable of offering error-free, faster and convenience service. Every service will be presented with clear information, letting the client (you) have the clearest idea of what you are paying for. After all, what you pay in return for the service you get from Yau & Co. is not just an expense, it is an investment for your business. 

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