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Here’s what to expect when you register company online with Yau & Co.

1.Quality check

We ensure that all the information you provided in the online company set up form meets SSM company incorporation requirements. We’ll contact you before we prepare your filing if we see any issues.

2.Name Search & Reservation

Next, we conduct a preliminary name search to see whether the company name you’ve selected is available. If the desired name is available, we will then submit Form 13A (Request for Availability of Name) to SSM for company name approval and reservation. Final approval of your name reservation will be granted by SSM.

3.Submission of Incorporation Documents

We prepare your incorporation documents for shareholders & directors signatories. The signed incorporation documents will then be submitted to SSM. SSM processing and approval times vary, but generally can be fulfilled within 1-2 business days (subject to the availability & stability of SSM’s MyCoID online system).

4.Incorporation Documents Delivered

A complete package of certified true copy (CTC) incorporation documents will be delivered to you. This is important documents required for bank accounts opening, business license application, registration with statutory bodies – EPF, SOCSO and other business activities.

5.Post-incorporation and ongoing support

After incorporating, you’re ready to commence your business. Also, make sure you have any necessary licenses and permits, and continue to meet ongoing compliance requirements.

Yau & Co. is ready to help you every step of the way—not only for incorporation services, but for the support you need throughout the life of your business.


Q: Where to Register Your Sdn Bhd Company?

All Sdn Bhd Companies need to be registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia or SSM in Malaysia), SSM Malaysia is a statutory body which regulates companies and businesses. Besides that, you must engage a qualified company secretary to go through the whole company registration process.

Q: Can I Register My Company Directly with SSM?

Yes. The Promoter/Director can Incorporate the Company via SSM MyCOID 2016 System. However, you are advice to consult qualify Company Secretary Firm to ensure the information furnish are accurate and proper to avoid any error or amendment in future. Please also take note that, you are require to appoint the Company Secretary within 1 month from date of incorporation. 

Q: What is the incorporation procedures?

Incorporate Your Company With Yau & Co In 3 Fast & Easy Steps

  1. Choose a package
  2. Complete the online company setup form
  3. Sign the company incorporation documents

Q: What are the requirements to incorporate a Private Limited Company?

The requirements to form a Company are:

  1. Minimum of one shareholder and minimum paid up capital of RM1;
  2. Minimum of one Malaysia resident directors; and
  3. A qualified company secretary.

Q: What information/paper works are required for Company incorporation?

If you incorporate a company through YAU & CO, simply complete out Online Company Set-Up Form or email us the following information and we will prepare and file the relevant incorporation documents with SSM.

  • Proposed company names
  • Principal business activities of the new company setup (max 3)
  • Photocopy of all directors’ & shareholders’ I/C or Passport;
  • Particular of director & shareholder (e.g. Name, NRIC No, residential address*, email address, contact no. and race) *residential addresses of all directors need supported with proof of address such as utilities (if different from IC)
  • Paid-up capital information (min RM1 per share)
  • Number of Share for each shareholder.

Incorporation documents to be lodged with SSM

  • Name Reservation Form;
  • Super Form; 
  • Constitution of the Company (optional)

Q: How long does it take to incorporate a Private Limited Company in Malaysia?

Based on YAU & CO.’s past experiences dealing with SSM, the entire company registration process will take averagely 7 working days. Having said, Yau & Co.’s Expedited Processing Services successfully help our client register a company within 1-2 working days provided all information are complete. Please note that the incorporation timeline is very dependent on the accuracy and completeness of information and documents and also subject to the availability & stability of SSM’s MyCoID online system.

NoCompany Incorporation ProceduresWorking Days
1 Company name reservation with SSM Malaysia24 hours
2 Once name approved by SSM, we will prepare the registration documents1* - 3
3 Signing of documents by all directors & shareholders(depend on client arrangement)
4 Submission to SSM for registration of your new company1* -2
5 Notification of Registration issued by SSM1 (depend on SSM approval)
Estimated Timeline for New Company Registration7

* Expedited Processing Service Expedited Processing Service speeds the turnaround time for your order. Yau & Co. prioritises your order above non-expedited orders. Incorporation documents will be ready for directors/shareholders’ signatories within 1 business day after we receive full payment & complete information. Submission to SSM for registration of your new company within 1 business day after received complete signed incorporation documents.

Q: Once a Malaysia Company has been Incorporated, what are the Post Incorporation Issues need to be considered?

After your Malaysia Company has been setup, you can start your business activities immediately. However, you may need to do some or all of the following if applicable to you:

  • Open bank
  • If your business requires one or more licenses, you may need to obtain the relevant licenses first before you can commence your business
  • Register for Goods & Services Tax (GST) if necessary. The registration of GST is not mandatory unless your annual turnover exceeds RM500,000. We can help you register for GST.
  • If you intend to hire local employees (Malaysia citizens and/or permanent residents) you will need to open an account with the Employment Provident Fund (EPF) - a percentage of the local employees’ salaries will be contributed to the EPF Board on a monthly basis as part of their retirement fund. We can help you register your company EPF account and manage your staff payroll if required.
  • You will need to decide on your company’s fiscal year end, which can be any date within 18 months from the date of incorporation. You will need to keep track of your income and expenses (bookkeeping) according to Malaysia accounting standards. Depending upon the volume of transactions, we can provide bookkeeping services either on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly accounting basis.

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