How to Apply e-Pin for Tax Filling

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Steps by Steps Guide to Apply Pin No. for Tax e-Filling

You need to be a registered taxpayer in order to apply for your Pin No.

1. Prepare the documents required to be attached for the application of Pin No.
a) Individual – Form CP55D & Copy of applicant’s IC / passport
If there is/are change(s) in your personal details (example: mailing address, handphone number, and etc), please prepare also Form CP600B
b) Sdn Bhd – Form CP55B, Copy of authorised person’s IC/passport, Form 49 / Form S58 / Superform
c) LLP – Form CP55B, Copy of authorised person’s IC / passport, LLP Business Profile & LLP Agreement

2. Visit IRB’s webpage on customer feedback
3. Click the <e-Fiiling Pin Number Application> on the left sidebar then click <Next>

5. Complete the online application form then click <Submit>

IRB’s Video Guide on how to apply Pin No.


Why you need a pin no. ?

Pin no. let you access to IRB’s e-filling system to submit your tax returns online. Other popular e-services are:-
e-Lejar is a service provided for Taxpayer to check their Personal Information, Ledger Transaction and Latest Tax Balance Information
e-Kemaskini is an application that facilitates taxpayer to update related information

Is it compulsory to have a pin no. ?

It is not compulsory. If you appoint a tax agent (like Yau & Co.) to submit the tax returns and handle all tax-related matters then you no need a pin no.

Why my tax agent requests pin no. from me ?

Please ask your tax agent why he/she does not submit your tax returns using the tax agent e-filling system (TAef).
Maybe your tax agent is bookkeeper/accountant without tax agent license. Therefore they can’t submit through the tax agent e-filling system (TAef) but need to use you pin no. to submit.
You can verify the tax agent from IRB’s website


The information contained in this page is obtained or derived from a variety of publicly available sources for general informational purposes only and is not intended to be relied upon as accounting, tax, or other professional advice. Please contact us for specific advice.

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