How to Register a Sdn Bhd (Private Limited Company) Yourself

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Step 1 – Registration & Verification of MyCoID Account

1.1 From the MyCoID website, Click Sign Up button.

1.2 Fill up the user registration form > Click “Submit”
User type choose “Individual User” & eCharge User choose “No”

1.3 Upon submit the registration form, you will receive an email from SSM, click the link “Click here to activate!” to perform the verification.

1.4 Once you have performed the email verification, another email titled “Verification at Counter” will be sent to you via the system and you are required to validate your registration by visiting the nearest SSM counter or you can activate through email

Activation of MyCOID Account vide Email
You can do the verification by email to with your IC (front and back), a photo of you holding your IC at neck level , supporting documents that has your name / picture such as driving license, telephone, utility bill and others. You also need provide SECURITY ANSWER which you created during the sign-up process.

1.5 Once you have verified your account at the nearest SSM counter/through email, you will receive another email with a link for you to activate your MyCoID account.

1.6 Once you have verified your account, you will receive another email with a link for you to activate your MyCoID account. Click on the link “Click here to login” in the email, you will be redirected to a page where you are needed to create a login password. Once you have created the password, you are then automatically login to the MyCoID system.

Step 2 – Register Your Company via Direct Incorporation

2.1 After login MyCOID, On the Home page, click onDirect Incorporation“.

Direct Incorporation
best way to register a Company is through direct incorporation instead of incorporation of reserved name

2.2 On the Name Search page, key in the Proposed Company Name. If this name is available and you wish to proceed, click Submit button. To continue searching, click New Search button.

Name Search
Common reasons for the proposed to be rejected are the proposed name contains similar words with another existing company or the name is too general. Please also check the availability of domain before you proceed with the registration.

2.3 Once Submit button is clicked, you are redirected to the Super Form. Fill up the 5 sections in Super Form:

  • Particulars of Application
  • Clarification
  • Application Details | Directors | Members/Shareholders | Information to Agency
  • Declaration Section
  • Lodger Information
Business Code / Description
The business code or commonly known as Malaysia Standard Industrial Classification (MSIC) is widely used by the Department of Statistics Malaysia and other government agencies as a source of reference for the classification of industry or economic activity. Example Custom Malaysia will base on the Company’s MSIC code to determine whether the Company subject to Sales & Services Tax. The correct business code is important for application of business licenses. It is recommended to input only ONE business code to avoid any potential account or tax complications, although you may select up to three business codes. You could include further details about your business in the business description section.

2.4 After complete the SuperForm. you can click “Submitbutton to proceed with the Company Registration and make payment subsequently.

2.5 You will receive 2 email notifications – Notice of Approval and Notice of Registration (Section 15 CA 2016).

2.6 You need to appoint a Company Secretary within 30 days from the date of registration.

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